Tuesday 19 May 2009

Project on Councillor Wallis's Blog

Richard Grassick, one of Darlington Media Group's producers of the Beauty and the Bike project, is interviewed by Councillor Nick Wallis, Darlington Borough Council Cabinet Member for Climate Change.

Saturday 2 May 2009

Lauren Pyrah’s Story

Back in Darlington after a wonderful and informative trip to Bremen, the girls in the project now find out if their cycling habits can become permanent in Darlington - even when our cycling infrastructure is still in its infancy.

This short video edit follows one of the girls, Lauren Pyrah, from her original interview in July 2008 to her current impressions, now she has been to a cycling-friendly city and returned to Darlington.

Lauren has hired one of the Velodarlo Dutch Bikes. She will be blogging her experiences on Darlington's streets on this website. Just select "Lauren's Blog" from the BikeBeauty Blogs drop down menu on the left of this page.