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This 72-page hardback book explores some of the implications of the experiences of the Beauty and the Bike girls. It is written in both English and German by authors Beatrix Wupperman and Richard Grassick, and features the photography of Sabine Bungert and Phil Dixon. It costs £14 (€15) plus postage and packing, and can be ordered here.

From the cover : Why do British, and many other European, girls stop cycling when they become teenagers, whilst girls in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark love their bicycles? This book documents the lives of young women in the German city of Bremen and the North-East English town of Darlington, two examples of this contrast. When the girls visit each other, they develop a clear understanding about what needs to be done to make cycling actually attractive: It’s the Infrastructure, Stupid. But who listens to them? And who is the culprit?